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Welcome, and what’s is this place?

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Once upon a time I used to be a child, I used to know the way the world worked by my surroundings. It was simple, it was accessible, and above all it was freedom and it was choice.  Am I here to say we’re doomed? No. Am I here to say it’s the end? No. Am I here to rant and bitch? Yep. You bet! Why because it’s my own corner that I call mine, and like I said in the opening statement it’s one of the freedoms and choices I cherish most.

I”m not a crazy psychopath that’s hell bent on doomsday or the idea that we’re already past the point of no return. No, far from it. More or less I’m looking for an outlook to voice my frustrations on recent memories and events that don’t involve me yelling my family and friends’ ears off.

The bottom line is this, I’m young, I have 2 kids, a great job, a wonderful spouse, a home, and a great family life. I’ll get attacked right out of the gate on that front with the obvious “oh that’s why you can say these things, you’re so lucky and have a great job and home”, let me cut you off there. I worked, HARD, for what I have today and I work, HARD, everyday to continue to support those things. And I’m by far not the one to fall on the “poor me stories”. I’ve seen the poor me’s, I’ve listened, and most of all I’ve known the poor me side. It doesn’t work, its another excuse for the masses to conjure the weary feelings of an equally and growing populous of excuse making generations.

Some of the things I say here may offend you, as a matter of fact I’m willing to bet they will. Why? Because I tell my opinions, the truth as I see it, and what I feel, not sugar coated excuses. What I’m not is heartless, racists, dumb, stupid, etc. I don’t hate groups, I don’t hate ethnic groups ,  I don’t hate religions, what do I hate? People. Today’s people. The society that has seemingly sprung from no where in the past decade. Do the things I bitch and rant about seem petty? Perhaps. But at the same time its the pettiness and mundane that leads to the destructive paths of substantial and meaningful.

So site back and enjoy my ranting, or don’t.

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