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Amnesty for #illegals? Isn’t there some sort of catch 22 in that statement?

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok so here goes another easy one, or actually I would hope its easy but this day in age, who the hell knows. President Barak Obama has issued amnesty for illegal aliens in Baltimore and Denver, by informing the ICE agents in these locations they are forbidden from deporting non-criminal¬†illegal aliens. Wait let’s step back, “non-criminal illegal aliens” is anyone laughing yet?

I’m sort of not ūüė¶ I mean in all seriousness what the hell has this country come too?! And let me¬†reiterate, this isn’t a racial thing in the least. You could be from Mars, you could be from Korea, you could be from Iran, I DON’T CARE. What I do care is that if you come here go the legal way, like your other hard working¬†brethren. ¬†What I don’t care for is people not paying income tax or other taxes that we rely on to keep a working society.

While were on the subject, lets take a look at things like the ability for illegal aliens to get quicker cheaper health care than I could get for my family because I’m a working citizen that has income. Why don’t we also take a look at the Dream Act. Oh boy this is another good one. Regardless of the amount of support, regardless of what the support is, plain and simple you’re giving support to ILLEGAL¬†people. Let’s¬†reiterate¬†one more time, this isn’t based on race or anything else, this is based on simple principal.¬†There¬†are plenty of routes for the legal status seeking individual, even more routes for illegals that have resided here for long periods of time (just the type the dream act focuses on, kids brought here by their parents years ago).

I could go on and on and on. Yes I could, lots more. THe bottom line is what the hell has happened here. Don’t give me the tired old “you’re¬†ancestors were¬†immigrants¬†too”.¬†¬†Well guess what, few differences. THEY CAME HERE LEGALLY.¬†They¬†paid their way. AND the country was substantially smaller than it was now, use common sense people. The cold hard truth is that the country can only support so many, we’re at that point.

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Let’s start with an easy one #fourloko

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

So here’s the starting gun. Out of the gate let’s go with something easy. A news story (Link) recently highlighted the recent idea of the Maryland Attorney General wanting to limit the alcohol contents of the popular drink, Four Loko. If the name sounds familiar it’s already been in the spotlight before for its¬†caffeine¬†contents, which has since been removed. Now that, that part is out of the way the¬†government¬†(whoops, I mean people placing blame on¬†something¬†other than the responsible party) can go onto limiting the alcohol content of the drink,¬†never-mind¬†that the business is¬†licensed¬†and within legal right to produce and distribute alcohol.

So what’s the rant here you may ask? Well I’m glad you did. Once again this is a protect us from ourselves situation. You’re allowing a governing body to step in and control what you can and cannot have access too. Or more specifically you’re taking something that’s legal already and pinpointing a¬†particular¬†area of that legality because you don’t like it. Sorta making sense yet? No? Ok. How about this then. The simple premise behind this story and why it’s come to where it is now rests with a accident related death. Surprise.

In November of 2010¬†Courtney Spurry was¬†unfortunately¬†and¬†tragically¬†killed when the vehicle she was driving hit a telephone poll at high speed. A very upsetting, tragic, and yes extremely unfortunate event. But let’s be honest where is the blame? Com’on now, where is it? That’s right, with Courtney Spurry. Again, I”m not trying to be heartless I”m trying to make people see you CANNOT shift responsibility anymore. Plain and simple she had WAY to much to drink. Quotes from various articles such as “She was not the same person”, “She could not remember people’s names…” highlight the obvious, she was completely drunk. Of course she was acting different, fighting with friends, not knowing peoples names, haven’t you ever seen¬†someone¬†highly intoxicated before?! This isn’t a¬†drinks¬†fault, this happens nightly, literally nightly, at bars and clubs all across the united states. ¬†The means to an end is¬†irrelevant, be it beer, wine, liquor, etc. The end¬†occurred¬†and it¬†occurred¬†due to a bad choice by the individual, nothing else.

In recent comments people combat the idea that¬†government¬†shouldn’t be sticking their¬†noses¬†in legal business over pressure from overly¬†grieving¬†friends and family. ¬†For example this¬†comment¬†in reference to a sarcastic wise mighty government remark; “Yeah, when it comes to stupid people not being responsible and endangering others, then yes they do know what is best.”. So of course my overall response to this mentality would be, let’s make all cars drive 15 mph at their maximum. Crazy you say? WHY?! I mean people could drive fast and kill other people. That means we have to make cars safe. Right?

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Welcome, and what’s is this place?

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Once upon a time I used to be a child, I used to know the way the world worked by my surroundings. It was simple, it was¬†accessible, and above all it was freedom and it was choice. ¬†Am I here to say we’re doomed? No. Am I here to say it’s the end? No. Am I here to rant and bitch? Yep. You bet! Why because it’s my own corner that I call mine, and like I said in the opening statement it’s one of the freedoms and choices I cherish most.

I”m not a crazy¬†psychopath¬†that’s hell bent on doomsday or the idea that we’re already past the point of no return. No, far from it. More or less I’m looking for an outlook to voice my frustrations on recent memories and events that don’t involve me yelling my family and friends’ ears off.

The bottom line is this, I’m young, I have 2 kids, a great job, a wonderful spouse, a home, and a great family life. I’ll get attacked right out of the gate on that front with the obvious “oh that’s why you can say these things, you’re so lucky and have a great job and home”, let me cut you off there. I worked, HARD, for what I have today and I work, HARD, everyday to continue to support those things. And I’m by far not the one to fall on the “poor me stories”. I’ve seen the poor me’s, I’ve listened, and most of all I’ve known the poor me side. It doesn’t work, its another excuse for the masses to¬†conjure¬†the weary feelings of an equally and growing¬†populous¬†of excuse making generations.

Some of the things I say here may offend you, as a matter of fact I’m willing to bet they will.¬†Why? Because I tell my opinions, the truth as I see it, and what I feel, not sugar coated excuses. What I’m not is heartless, racists, dumb, stupid, etc. I don’t hate groups, I don’t hate¬†ethnic groups , ¬†I don’t hate¬†religions, what do I hate? People. Today’s people. The society that has seemingly sprung from no where in the past decade. Do the things I bitch and rant about seem petty? Perhaps. But at the same time its the pettiness and mundane that leads to the destructive paths of substantial and meaningful.

So site back and enjoy my ranting, or don’t.

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