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Amnesty for #illegals? Isn’t there some sort of catch 22 in that statement?

Ok so here goes another easy one, or actually I would hope its easy but this day in age, who the hell knows. President Barak Obama has issued amnesty for illegal aliens in Baltimore and Denver, by informing the ICE agents in these locations they are forbidden from deporting non-criminal illegal aliens. Wait let’s step back, “non-criminal illegal aliens” is anyone laughing yet?

I’m sort of not 😦 I mean in all seriousness what the hell has this country come too?! And let me reiterate, this isn’t a racial thing in the least. You could be from Mars, you could be from Korea, you could be from Iran, I DON’T CARE. What I do care is that if you come here go the legal way, like your other hard working brethren.  What I don’t care for is people not paying income tax or other taxes that we rely on to keep a working society.

While were on the subject, lets take a look at things like the ability for illegal aliens to get quicker cheaper health care than I could get for my family because I’m a working citizen that has income. Why don’t we also take a look at the Dream Act. Oh boy this is another good one. Regardless of the amount of support, regardless of what the support is, plain and simple you’re giving support to ILLEGAL people. Let’s reiterate one more time, this isn’t based on race or anything else, this is based on simple principal. There are plenty of routes for the legal status seeking individual, even more routes for illegals that have resided here for long periods of time (just the type the dream act focuses on, kids brought here by their parents years ago).

I could go on and on and on. Yes I could, lots more. THe bottom line is what the hell has happened here. Don’t give me the tired old “you’re ancestors were immigrants too”.  Well guess what, few differences. THEY CAME HERE LEGALLY. They paid their way. AND the country was substantially smaller than it was now, use common sense people. The cold hard truth is that the country can only support so many, we’re at that point.

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